What is Church Leadership Training?

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The fact is that if you at all desire to be seen as a leader in your church, you simply must have formal training to do. You see, your problem is that you're not alone because right now in your group of peers are folks who also plan on being leaders in your church, and guess who they plan on leading?


That's right! They plan on leading "you" and if they're successful your plans on being a church leader will be effectively scuttled. You read that correctly because by definition, in order for a person to be a leader there must be followers to lead and if you find yourself stuck in the latter category you will be screwed.


So in generations past one sure fire method to attaining an influential, or leadership position in ones church was to study and learn the bible from front to back. You see, back then this cut off all who for instance were lacking in reading retention, or perhaps may have even had vision problems.


Anyhow, in the end, the person who could do the best "tap dance" through the bible always won the most hearts and minds which of course propelled them to a leadership position. However, a few things have changes since then that have essentially cut off this once "straight line" avenue for today's aspiring church leader.


That is that new video technology allows even someone who is completely illiterate to study and learn the bible right on the Internet. Technology that allows them to not just see hear the words, but also see images as well to help them retain the passages and story line, so now bible experts are a "dime a dozen".


The good news though is that now there are venues and actual courses that you can attend where real church leadership training is taught by "actual church leaders". Even more good news, is that the sources for this training make available a broad curriculum selection to accommodate pretty much anyone regardless of their goals.


For instance, the better of these churches based academies offer a one year "full spectrum, all inclusive" day in day out one year program that provides real hands on training in actual leadership positions. That is that you will come away with not just the knowledge of what it takes to be a church leader, but real experience as well.


Or they will also have summer long programs that can prepare you for a lower level leadership position as, say a camp councillor or perhaps a position as perhaps a one or two day a week bible study leader. Or there are one weekend or even one day programs that allow you to get your feet wet so to speak, and see if it's really something you want to make a commitment to.


In the end though, there is simply no substitute for "real professional training" and actual "real world experience" no matter what one aspires to. It's something that you can carry with you your whole life to qualify you on "day one" as a church leader no matter where you go and what church you end up being affiliated with.

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What is Church Leadership Training?

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This article was published on 2010/12/10
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