The Role of the Church Pianist

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The role of the church pianist varies from church to church.

Before I share some thoughts with you I'll explain our church so you can understand where I'm coming from.

Our church is a small country church nestled in the foothills of North Carolina.

The people are very friendly and family-oriented. Most of the members have lived in the area their entire life.

What I'm trying to say is...the needs of the church determines the criteria for the church pianist.

In some churches, the church pianist may be the only music person available. In this case, the pianist may have to lead the congregation and choir in song while playing the piano. What a challenge! I know at least one of my readers has that situation. I admire her for her efforts.

At other churches, the pianist may serve the role as pianist only. (That's my role)

Whether you're the main music person or just filling the role as church pianist...the following tips will hopefully encourage and direct you as you serve in the music ministry.

The following ideas have personally helped me in my way of thinking towards serving in the music ministry.

1. I'm a servant serving the Lord.

2. Not to think of myself above others; no comparison. Every church member is of equal importance to God.

3. Love my church family

The following are natural outcomes of point #3

4. Support and encourage those in the music ministry. Example: "Your song was a blessing." or "Thanks for being willing to sing."

5. Pray for those in the music ministry

6. Always communicate in love

7. Use constructive guidance as needed (This can occur only after building a trusting relationship.) This applies if the person or persons you're accompanying are seeking helpful pointers.

Please understand...these are just a few ideas that remind me of my role as church pianist.

Each church is different as far as their needs. Just ask God for wisdom as you seek to serve Him where He has placed you.

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Jenifer Cook has been a church pianist for the past 35 years. She has published arrangements through Soundforth and composes for her own piano students.

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The Role of the Church Pianist

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This article was published on 2010/03/27